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Free Comic Book Day 2019 at Vampire Robots!

Michael Cherkowsky

So Saturday, May 4th, for the first time in the almost five year history of VR, we’re going to participate in Free Comic Book day…

”But Michael, you don’t really SELL comic books at Vampire Robots, so how can you give any away…?”

Well, this is true! Aside from the exclusive Jeff Zornow cover we did in 2016, and the occasional listing in our eBay store, Comic Books have never been a regular product we stock. However, we wanted to stock the following item…

FCBD Exclusive Symbiote Spider Man PVC Gallery Statue by Diamond Select Toys

FCBD Exclusive Symbiote Spider Man PVC Gallery Statue by Diamond Select Toys

Per Diamond’s own description…

”Spider-Man lives up to his namesake, crouched on a web slung across an alleyway, portraying the hero in his element. Measuring approximately 7" high by 11" wide, this detailed sculpt by Alterton is based on a design by Caesar, and comes packaged in a full-color window box.”

This badass is a Free Comic Book Day Exclusive. We have them in stock now, but are embargoed from selling them until May 4th. Since we’re also not a full fledged comic book shop, we were only able to secure a scant ten as well. It will be $45.00 plus shipping and handling, and will be available on the site at 9am Eastern Standard time on May 4th.

Also happening on the site May 4th, will be the next X-Plus Flash Sale. It’s a repeat, actually a Make Good of sorts…

Mechagodzilla'02 (Kiryu) 12" Vinyl Figure by X-Plus

Mechagodzilla'02 (Kiryu) 12" Vinyl Figure by X-Plus

Per own very own site copy…

”After withering battles against Godzilla using conventional weaponry, a new armored battle fortress, MechaGodzilla (a.k.a. Kiryu), is built to combat the rampaging creature in 2002's Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla. This figure, part of the 12" scale kaiju series, recreates Mechagodzilla as "Kiryu", for the millennium era, once again making him the defender of Japan against Godzilla.”

So as stated above, this one is sort of a Make Good. Kiryu was originally supposed to be part of the flash sale we had back on March 20th, but most of the inventory on it arrived damaged beyond repair…to the point where we were only able to offer one. This one is always popular, especially at a flash sale price, and a lot of people who were gunning for him that day were understandably bummed. Here’s another chance to secure one for a killer price. We only have a case of them though, and they’ll be live at 10am Eastern Standard Time on the site, for the same Flash Sale price of $99.99 plus Shipping & Handling.

But what about give aways? It’s FREE Comic Book Day after all…

GODZILLA OBLIVION #4 Vampire Robots Exclusive Variant Cover

GODZILLA OBLIVION #4 Vampire Robots Exclusive Variant Cover

This is our exclusive Godzilla Oblivion # 4 from IDW, with cover art by Jeff Zornow. These are usually $9.99 plus S&H here on the site. Occasionally, one has been thrown in with orders over $100.00. For Free Comic Book Day, every order gets one! If you order anything on the site between 12:01am and 11:59pm on May 4th, we’ll include a copy of our exclusive comic with your order. Who knows, we might even throw in copies autographed by cover artist Jeff Zornow in some random orders (Yeah, we have those too).

Of course, it being May the 4th also means its also “Star Wars Day”. Well, why not have a give away item for May The 4th as well?

Star Wars Rogue One Collectors Gallery Shoretrooper 9’’ Statue by Gentle Giant

Star Wars Rogue One Collectors Gallery Shoretrooper 9’’ Statue by Gentle Giant

How about a Shoretrooper statue, by Gentle Giant? Per their own description…

”From Rogue One: A Star Wars Story come the Empire's Shoretoopers. Armored soldiers who patrol the beaches of the planet Scarif, the secret location of the imperial army and its Death Star construction facility. These well-trained, specialist Troopers are at the ready to defend against the always imminent Rebel incursions. Sculpted digitally to ensure precision form and character correct accuracy. Each detailed bust is cast in durable, stone-like, poly-urethane material that is cold to the touch. Featuring a heavy blaster-rifle, sculpted hip pouches and gear. Every trooper is hand painted with correct rank and insignia applications with battle worn, weathered details. Each limited edition, hand-painted, polyresin classic statue comes individually numbered and is paired with a matching Certificate of Authenticity.”

Not bad right? We’ve got one of these guys who can’t shoot straight to give away. How do you win him? Simple, order something from the site here, or the VR eBay Store, between 12:01am EST and 11:59pm WST on May 4th, and you will be entered to win. One random customer will be picked on May 5th and their shoretropper will be shipped to them free of charge! So you might ask, what purchases count here? Everything and Anything does! The Mechagodzilla flash sale, the Symbiote Spider-man Gallery statue, anything else currently in stock on the site, and even preorders! YES! This will be the first give away we’re doing where the preorders count! There is one stipulation though…only one entry per customer…so if you order multiple times, you’re still only entered to win once…

As always, be sure to follow us on social media (there’s buttons for each at the bottom of the site), to stay up to date on all these Free Comic Book Day drops as well as anything else we might be up to. You can always find the latest official news from us hereat Master Control as well.

How Do Pre-orders Work???? (April 2019 Edition)

Michael Cherkowsky

Even though we have been offering items for preorder, more or less, since our first year in business, often times, I receive puzzled messages, asking “how does a preorder work….?”

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a preorder as…

“to order (something) in advance : to request to purchase (something) before it is available for sale”

Well, we’ve established that, now what? Well, yet again, we have disclose how the preorder system here at Vampire Robots. Some things with our payment processors have changed recently, so with this post, we’re going to break down our official Updated preorder policy!

 As of today, we will be charging your preorders at the time your order is placed. We will do our best to let customers know when a product is arriving and when to expect to see their orders shipped, but with so many products having high volume orders, it’s not always possible to contact every customer beforehand. The customer is expected to be aware of what they ordered and when to expect its arrival. Any cancelled preorders will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. If you cancel two or more preorders in a row, regardless of how much lead time you’ve given, you will be barred from placing any further preorders until you have have completed two consecutive transactions on the website for in stock merchandise without a problem. 

Now what does that mean for existing pre-orders? Right now, nothing. We’ll be reaching out to those folks who have existing preorders between now and July 4th, to either charge their order or migrate it to an open ended Paypal invoice.

This is going to be a long term transition over the course of the next 100 or so days, and there might be some hiccups along the way. Please bear with us, and be sure to contact us with any issues you might have. In the mean time, a new feature added to the site during this change in policy is the ability to create your own customer account! There, you’ll be able to save things like preferred shipping address, payment information, what you’re looking for in a spouse (okay, maybe not), etc etc., making for a quicker, easier check out process when ordering from the site. Any time you feel like refreshing yourself on these policies, they’re right at the bottom of the site, OR you can check them out

We thank you for your patience during this transition, and as always, be sure to keep up to date with us here, as well as on all our social media platforms (linked below).

How Do Pre-Orders Work????

Michael Cherkowsky

Even though we have been offering items for preorder, more or less, since our first year in business, often times, I receive puzzled messages, asking “how does a preorder work….?”

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a preorder as…

“to order (something) in advance : to request to purchase (something) before it is available for sale”

Well, we’ve established that, now what? Well, until now we have never fully disclosed how the preorder system works here at Vampire Robots. With this post, we’re going to break down our official preorder policy!

Master Controller Michael awaiting your preorders…

Master Controller Michael awaiting your preorders…

  • We don’t like to charge preorders any sooner than 2 days before it is in stock. In most cases, we will not charge you for your order until your item is in stock and ready to ship to you. This is because some of the products we stock have a long preorder window, sometimes upwards of a year or more. Any number of factors can change between when a customer places a preorder to when the product actually arrives in stock. Upon request, we can charge customers further ahead of a product’s arrival date, but that is a case by case basis…

  • We can also delay charging & shipping a preorder, as long as the customer lets us know to do so before its arrival (for example, you need to wait til Pay Day). There is a 14 day limit to delays in charging preorders. After that, you will need to pay for your order, or it will be cancelled and future orders will not be accepted.

  • We will do our best to let customers know when a product is arriving and when to expect to see their orders charged, but with so many products having high volume orders, it’s not always possible to contact everyone beforehand. The customer is expected to be aware of what they ordered and when to expect it’s arrival. We do our best to keep estimated release dates as current as we know them to be on the preorder page of the site, as well as push that information to social media as much as possible. If you want to keep up with any of that, be sure to follow our facebook page, as well as our instagram, and twitter (there’s also links for all of our social media accounts at the bottom of the website.)

  • As of 12/1/2018, any preorders that are cancelled after they are charged, will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. No exceptions.

  • If you cancel two or more preorders in a row, regardless of how much lead time you’ve given us, you will be barred from placing any further preorders until you have either paid for any existing preorders you may still have, or have completed two transactions on the website for in stock merchandise without a problem. This has always been a fast & loose rule, and its doled out on a case by case basis, but too many folks have been ordering too many things, only to cancel most or all the orders weeks later.


So now it is all established! If you ever need to refresh your memory on our pre-order policy, there is now a page explaining it at the bottom of the site, or you can click HERE.

G-Fest Give Away at Vampire Robots: X-Plus Godzilla 2000 v2

Michael Cherkowsky

HEY! Another G-fest blog post! This is probably, hopefully...the last one before G-Fest. It's the super important one though, as we've decided to do another give away this year! Sure, Michael swore off doing give aways, or exclusives, or gimmicks, yadda yadda yadda...but then Diamond got this US exclusive Godzilla 2000 v2 figure last year. We liked it so much, we decided to get one JUST to give away at G-Fest XXV! 

He's ready to party like its 1999...

He's ready to party like its 1999...

So its a give what do you have to do? It's pretty simple really. All you need to do is spend $100 or more at the Vampire Robots booth in the Dealers room on Friday or Saturday. When you do, you will be given a raffle ticket. We will give it away just before the dealers room closes on Saturday evening at 5pm...

"But hundred dollars is SOOOOOOO much money..."

Alright...get out of there with that! Gone on! GIT! It's EASY to spend $100 at our table and get a ticket for this give away! You can get one X-Plus figure. You can get one of our exclusive Burning Godzillas. You can get both series of Pacific Rim Uprising Select figures! The possibilities are endless....

Dynamic stylin' and spiky profilin'

Dynamic stylin' and spiky profilin'

Here's our original description from the product site listing last year...

"Making its debut in 1999's Godzilla 2000: Millennium, Godzilla sported a new look with a design by Yuji Sakai and Shinichi Wakasa. Originally released as a vinyl garage kit by KOC in the early 2000s, and measuring an impressive 18" long from snout to tail, this is a fantastic recreation of the popular 'Miregoj' design! "

Of course we will have a small number of these for sale at G-Fest, so if you are like God, and do not trifle with dice, you can skip the game of chance and just buy one outright, while supplies last. 


Diamond's official product image for this bruiser...

Diamond's official product image for this bruiser...

So lets lay down some official rules now, to avoid any confusion and potential belly achin' later...


  • If you spend $100 or more at the Vampire Robots booth, you will get a raffle ticket. In the interest of fairness, its one ticket per person, so no trying to juke the odds in your favor and expecting a ticket for every $100 you spend...
  • This is good for one X-Plus 12" Godzilla 2000 v2 Vinyl Figure, and for one X-Plus 12" Godzilla 2000 v2 Vinyl Figure ONLY! No trying to trade it out for any product on our tables of equal or lesser value. If you already have one, maybe you can approach someone else at the convention about a trade. That's on you...
  • At approximately 5pm CST Saturday, we will pull one ticket at random. The person with the winning ticket number MUST be present at that time to win. If no one claims that ticket number, we will pull another...and another...and ANOTHER, until we've found ourselves a WINNER! You must be able to take delivery of the figure then and there. We will not arrange any kind of delivery after the convention. If you can't take delivery of it then and there, you forfeit it, and we draw another winning number.


  • Fellow Dealers are exempt! Sorry Gang, but if you're a dealer, or a dealer's helper, you should know we don't do dealer-to-dealer sales anymore on Friday & Saturday anyway…

So thems the rulez! What's better than an X-Plus Godzilla figure...? A FREE X-Plus Godzilla figure! As always, make sure to bookmark Dispatches From Master Control to get the latest updates from Vampire Robots, as well as follow us on all our social media profiles, which can be found below. 




Massive Medicom Shipping Update!

Michael Cherkowsky

THAT'S RIGHT! After some speculation, and an not entirely unreasonable assumption that some of these products were ever coming, it can now be confirmed that ALL of the following items are arriving on July 11th, 2018...



Candie Bolton's Bake-Kukira sofubi, in the black & white marble colorway! We're only getting TWO of these, and they're $400 Shipped via pre-order...


SATAN BEETLE! This Ultraman Leo antagonist is often mistaken for Megalon, but he is his own bad guy beetle, and at $100 shipped, he can be yours too! 


The Marmit Black & Yellow Burning Godzilla. One of several Marmit Burning Godzillas we'll be getting, he's also one of the few still available at $85 shipped. 


Godzilla'54 by JR Rampage! This is one of the few original pieces in the GVW line up. We've still got a few available for $160 Shipped! 


GVW Godzilla 68, or...69...or 71...0r 72? Look! Those are all the same suit from DESTROY ALL MONSTERS, so call it whichever you want. We still have a couple available and its $195 shipped. 


GVW GODZILLA'71! One of the more popular preorders we've had. We recently reopened this one for preorders, and have six still available at $80 Shipped. 

AND now, we get in the figures we currently have capped pre-orders on. Some of these have been capped since their initial offering last year, and unfortunately for those who might ask, they likely aren't to uncap at this point...Why Update then? For the people who DID order them, Jerk! 


The GVW Black & Yellow Marmit Howler. Due 7/11/2018



GVW Sunguts Godzilla'62...this one is sort of a surprise today, as he had previously been canceled by Diamond. He's also arriving on 7/11...

And then, finally... 



We're being told that both of these guys are indeed coming on that 7/11 medicom load as well. The standard sized Marmit Burning Godzilla was an Toho cinemas exclusive in Japan, and the Giant was a Crowncrest exclusive in Japan. 

Now, July 11th is also three days before G-Fest XXV. We're working to get this shipment a few days earlier, so that we can process preorders and bring any left overs to G-fest. If you've preordered any of this stuff, expect an email around July 4th, when we can confirm that these are en route. As always, make sure to bookmark our blog here, and also follow us on social media (there's buttons at the bottom of the site for are various pages...). 

Product Reveal: The Vampire Robots "Mascot" Shirt

Michael Cherkowsky

This one has been teased on our instagram for the past month or so. Now that we're getting close to our annual big event of the year, G-Fest, its about damn time we reveal it in full! The third official Vampire Robots branded t-shirt! This newest shirt features our mascot, as designed by friend of Vampire Robots Jeff Zornow

Here's the new shirt, as modeled by Michael's last Ex-Wife! 

Here's the new shirt, as modeled by Michael's last Ex-Wife! 

Printed on unisex Next Level brand black shirts, these run from sizes Small to XXL (most ladies looking to snag one of these are advised to not skew past size Large...). The front of the shirt features our full mascot design from Zornow, complete with laser background, and our full "Vampire Robots" logo brands the left sleeve. 


Potential wearers of this shirt should be forewarned... There are unsubstantiated claims that wearing Jeff Zornow art on your person can cause highly bizarre events...You might find yourself suddenly, inexplicably popular, where once you were...Not. Your sex life can suddenly get incredibly busy. You might find yourself abducted by extraterrestrials. Others have claimed Zornow art has granted them the ability to summon and dispatch ghosts & demons while wearing it. We here at Vampire Robots guarantee NOTHING one way or the other, beyond this shirt covering your upper torso, the way a t-shirt should...

So how does one get this dope graphic tee...? This won't be for sale until G-fest XXV. They'll be available, first come, first served, at the Vampire Robots booth in the dealers room, all weekend. All sizes are $20 each. What the hell is G-Fest you ask...? Are you kidding? What the hell are you even doing on this website...? G-Fest is the largest annual gathering of Godzilla/kaiju fans in North America. Its held at the Crowne Plaza O'Hare outside Chicago, every July. This year its July 13th to 15th. You can get more information here.

Remaining sizes will be made available here, in the "Exclusives" section of the website, after G-fest is over. We plan to reload on this design, as needed, but if you want to make sure you get yours in the right size right away, and you'll be at G-Fest (or maybe have a friend or acquaintance there who owes you a solid...) your best bet is to get it at G-Fest. 

Our Updated Privacy Policy...

Michael Cherkowsky

HEY! It's our first blog post of 2018! Is it to bring you exciting news about X-Plus? Noooo....News about long delayed Medicom sofubi....? Noooooooo...Exciting new 1000toys products? Nooooooope! It's a bunch of legal jargon! I know...I know...but the European General Data Protection (GPDR) is rolling out this summer, and like many emails you've no doubt received as an end consumer, we need to get out ahead of this and update our privacy policies. Our updated privacy policy is as follows...

This Privacy Policy describes how and when I collect, use, and share information when you purchase an item from me, contact me, or otherwise use my services through or its related social media profiles and other services.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to the practices of third parties that I do not own or control, including eBay, Stripe, Paypal, ApplePay or any third party services. You can reference these third party Privacy Policies to learn more about their privacy practices. 

1. Personal information We collect

To fulfil your order, you must provide me with certain information, such as your name, email address, postal address, payment information, and the details of the product that you’re ordering. You may also choose to provide me with additional personal information (for a custom order, for example), if you contact me directly.

2. The legal bases I rely on to collect, use, and share personal information

I rely on a number of legal bases to collect, use, and share your information, including:

as needed to provide my services, such as when I use your information to fulfil your order, to settle disputes, or to provide customer support;

when you have provided your affirmative consent, which you may revoke at any time, such as by signing up for my mailing list;

if necessary to comply with a legal obligation or court order or in connection with a legal claim, such as retaining information about your purchases if required by tax law; and

as necessary for the purpose of my legitimate interests, if those legitimate interests are not overridden by your rights or interests, such as 1) providing and improving my services. I use your information to provide the services you requested and in my legitimate interest to improve my services

3. Information Sharing and Disclosure

Information about my customers is important to my business. I share your personal information for very limited reasons and in limited circumstances, as follows:

Squarespace, Paypal, eBay and Stripe. I share information with these companies as necessary to provide you my services and comply with my obligations under both the these companies Seller Policy and eBay Terms of Use.

Service providers. I engage certain trusted third parties to perform functions and provide services to my shop, such as delivery companies. I will share your personal information with these third parties, but only to the extent necessary to perform these services (ie USPS, UPS) 

Business transfers. If I sell or merge my business, I may disclose your information as part of that transaction, only to the extent permitted by law.

Compliance with laws. I may collect, use, retain, and share your information if I have a good faith belief that it is reasonably necessary to: (a) respond to legal process or to government requests; (b) enforce my agreements, terms and policies; (c) prevent, investigate, and address fraud and other illegal activity, security, or technical issues; or (d) protect the rights, property, and safety of my customers, or others.

4. Data Retention

I retain your personal information only for as long as necessary to provide you with my services and as described in my Privacy Policy. However, I may also be required to retain this information to comply with my legal and regulatory obligations, to resolve disputes, and to enforce my agreements. I generally keep your data for the following time period: 4 years.

5. If transferring personal information outside of Europe, how the transfer will be handled


Transfers of Personal Information Outside the EU:

I may store and process your information through third-party hosting services in the US and other jurisdictions. As a result, I may transfer your personal information to a jurisdiction with different data protection and government surveillance laws than your jurisdiction. If I am deemed to transfer information about you outside of the EU.

Your Rights:

If you reside in certain territories, including the EU, you have a number of rights in relation to your personal information. While some of these rights apply generally, certain rights apply only in certain limited cases. I describe these rights below:

Access. You may have the right to access and receive a copy of the personal information I hold about you by contacting me using the contact information below.

Change, restrict, delete. You may also have rights to change, restrict my use of, or delete your personal information. Absent exceptional circumstances (like where I am required to store data for legal reasons) I will generally delete your personal information upon request.

Object. You can object to (i) my processing of some of your information based on my legitimate interests and (ii) receiving marketing messages from me after providing your express consent to receive them. In such cases, I will delete your personal information unless I have compelling and legitimate grounds to continue using that information or if it is needed for legal reasons.

Complain. If you reside in the EU and wish to raise a concern about my use of your information (and without prejudice to any other rights you may have), you have the right to do so with your local data protection authority.

How to Contact Me

For purposes of EU data protection law, I, Michael P Cherkowsky of Vampire Robots, am the data controller of your personal information. If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact me at Alternately, you may mail me at:P.O. Box 1228, Langhorne PA 19047.

This updated privacy policy is posted at the bottom of the site here. You can reference any time, OR, here is a direct link...

Vampire Robots Burning Godzilla Instagram Giveaway!

Michael Cherkowsky

Attention Earth! 

Starting today, we're running a special contest on Instagram! The lucky winner, will get one of our exclusive CCP Burning Godzillas from the Godzilla Vinyl Wars line...What do ya have to do?! How do ya win?! have to follow us on Instagram...


Baby got back! 

Baby got back! 

A face only a mother, or a godzilla fan...could love...

A face only a mother, or a godzilla fan...could love... much as we love Instagram, we've never really seemed to break that 1,000 follower barrier...yet. So, starting today, at 3pm Eastern Standard Time, and until Monday, November 27th, 9pm Eastern Standard Time, anyone who follows us, will be entered to win one of these guys. The catch...? The Vampire Robots IG account (@Vampirerobots) needs to be at 1,500 follows by 9pm EST on the 27th. As of today, its at 857 followers. That's 643 names that will be entered, and on the 28th, one will be randomly selected as the winner! 


"I caught a fish THIS BIG..."

"I caught a fish THIS BIG..."

"But Michael....I ALREADY follow Vampirerobots on IG...I WANNA WIN ONE TOO!"

Well TOUGH! This is for new followers only! And don't be trying to unfollow and follow again. We'll spot that shit. WE KEEP DETAILED FILES! 

Alright...alright...FINE! In the interest of making this fair. Any current followers who tag two people NOT already following us, will also be entered into the contest, but those two tags have to follow as well. That's right, BOTH! Make sure your friends actually follow...

Get him out of this bag before he suffocates! 

Get him out of this bag before he suffocates! 

If you don't know, this figure was our own exclusive in 2015! Part of the Godzilla Vinyl Wars line up, we had all 200 manufactured for the US. We're down to roughly 30 now. Of course, if you hate Instagram (and if you do, you probably also hate puppies and kittens, and maybe life...), and/or want to skip the contest and just get one for yourself now, you can do so here. It's $100, plus S&H.

So here's the rules: 
1. Follow Vampirerobots on Instagram (Must be a new follower) between 3pm EST Today, and 9pm EST on Monday 11/27...OR

2. Existing followers can tag two friends who also MUST follow between 3pm EST Today, and 9pm EST on Monday 11/27...

3. Our IG account MUST have at least 1500 followers by 9pm EST on 11/27. If we hit or exceed that number by then, ONE (and only ONE) lucky winner will be chosen at random. The winning follower will be contacted via DM on 11/28, to arrange delivery *PLEASE NOTE* While shipping and handling will be covered by any winner in the US, if the winner is international, they WILL need to pay a $40 S&H fee...Sorry! We can't cover international shipping (this also includes Canada and Mexico). So what are you waiting for?! This is one of the easier contests in the world, if not the universe...go follow us already!