Vampire Robots

OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! Burning Godzilla Vinyl Sofubi!

Michael Cherkowsky


The Godzilla Vinyl Wars line from Medicom goes full steam ahead in 2015, with a number of exclusives to various North American retailers. Vampire Robots is no exception, as we give you a first look at our own exclusive, the reissue of the Medicom/CCP Burning Godzilla! Originally released in 2007 in an orange "meltdown" color as well as a variant that came in Godzilla's traditional colors, this new release will sport the movie accurate burning pattern from GODZILLA VS. DESTROYAH! Measuring a mean 9 inches tall, and limited to only 200 for North America, you'll only be able to get this bad boy from Vampire Robots! His arrival is expected in Spring, 2015. We'll have more information, including more pictures and how to pre-order yours, very soon! Make sure to subscribe to this blog, and also like our facebook page to make sure you're up-to-date on the latest info!