Vampire Robots

Did you know we have a Pre-Orders page now?

Michael Cherkowsky

Happy New Year readers! Hopefully you've had a fine 2014 holiday season. As you contemplate items for sale on this site that you're wishing your loved ones had bought you for Christmas, we wanted to make a note of our Pre-Order page. As Vampire Robots learns and grows like a proper malignant AI, we've found the need to offer our customers the chance to purchase things we have incoming ahead of time, like any good toy seller. We've actually had the page up and running for a little while. With the holiday rush, there was not a lot of time for fanfare to promote it. 

You can pre-order any item on there, and you won't be charged until we have it and are ready to ship! You can also cancel your pre-order on any item all the way up until its in stock. Now, there may be times when we're forced to cancel your pre-order on something. All pre-order items are capped with a certain number we believe we're getting. It will be very rare that we will take unlimited pre-orders on something. However, in spite of our best efforts, sometimes we just don't get enough of something. If that's the case, its a first come, first serve basis. The good news is you can't be charged for something we don't have! We'll be offering our exclusive Medicom Burning Godzilla vinyl figure for Pre-order in the coming days, so its best to familiarize yourself with our system now. Stay tuned...