Vampire Robots

Godzilla Vinyl Wars CCP Burning Godzilla Exclusive Now on Pre-Order!

Michael Cherkowsky

Here it is! This is the big one folks! As mentioned on the Kaijucast podcast. A North American Exclusive to Vampire Robots, and part of the Godzilla Vinyl Wars line of figures from Medicom. It's based on the Burning Godzilla suit design from 1995's GODZILLA VS. DESTROYAH. This awesome sculpt was originally released by CCP in 2007. It now features a more movie accurate color way! There's only going to be 200, and we're capping pre-orders at 100. If you don't place a pre-order on him, you'll only be able to get him at conventions we're set up at this summer, while supplies last.

The pre-order price is $110, which includes shipping in the US! He's scheduled for release on 5/27/15. Your credit card will NOT be charged until he is in stock. Secure one via pre-order today or risk trying to get one in the melee of G-Fest this summer...

NOTE: Product images are of Medicom's prototype. Final product may differ. Release date is subject to change.