Vampire Robots


Michael Cherkowsky


Starting Today, we're taking pre-orders again through the website. That's right! We're almost like a normal toy retail website! As some of you may or may not remember, we took pre-orders on a number of items earlier this year, but due to some techincal difficulties, we were forced to scrap the software we were using, and implement a more...grass, taking orders via social media and email. Now that things are a bit more sorted out, we've been able to relaunch the pre-order page with some new items on there. 


You'll notice that there are three X-Plus reissues from Diamond available there. Anguirus'68, Rodan'68 and Titanosaurus. These are three of our best sellers, so we thought it appropriate to have them be in the vanguard for the roll out of the new and improved pre-order page.  Unfortunately, these won't qualify for the free shipping promotion we were running on this wave of figures, BUT, your pre-order includes a flat $15.00 shipping fee within the US. Not a bad deal considering the size and weight of these suckers! (overseas orders are a flat $50.00 shipping fee)

If you're reading this and previously placed a pre-order on one or all of these X-Plus figures via Paypal, not to worry, your order is still safe and sound, and it still qualifies for the the free domestic shipping promotion. 

Also available is the BREAKING BAD Heisenberg 1/6 figure from ThreeZero. It's sort of a quick turn around on this item, as it is due in late November, so if you've been on the fence about ordering this guy, now is the time do so! 


There is also a pair of Universal Monsters figures from Diamond Select Toys, The Wolfman and The Mummy! Both are brand news sculpts with 16 points of articulation. Due out in Mid-November, they're a short turn around,  BUT, you can pre-order them now for $35 shipped, anywhere in the US! 

There will be more items added to the pre-order page in the coming weeks and months, so make sure to bookmark it, and make sure to subscribe to Dispatches From Master Control, as we'll do a news blast on new additions periodically.