Vampire Robots


Michael Cherkowsky


As you might know, 2015 is drawing to a close. It's been a wild year, full of triumph, tribulation, and one or more internet fights. Lots of great stuff came into our clutches in 2015 and we passed it along to you, the consumer. 

As 2015 ends, we've got remainders to clear out. So we've got a new discount code, for a stunning 25 percent off! That's right! Apply the promo code "RESURGENCE" at checkout on your order to get your discount. 

But wait! THERE'S MORE! In addition to 25% off your total, use the promo code "SHIN CHERKOWSKY" on any order totaling $500.00 or more, and get FREE SHIPPING! Now you might be saying to yourself "$500? PFFFFT! No way I can do that!" But you can! Heck, two items on the site can put you over the top on this one! 

Why are we offering these tremendous deals to you? Well, it's because Michael loves you, all of you (YES! Even YOU, smelly guy at Monster Mania who asked a bunch of weird questions and then never bought anything!)! Also, so many of you pre-ordered so many X-Plus Godzilla figures, or upcoming Godzilla Vinyl Wars, and there's lots of yet-to-be-announced things afoot, that our current warehouse space is exhausted. We'll be moving to a new space in 2016, and the idea of lugging everything across town is giving Michael, the Master Controller, a belly ache. 

So get some stuff! Get some deals! Get it out of here! Both Discount codes are good starting 12/28, and will run through 1/8/16. Happy New Year! 

NOTE: Discount codes ONLY apply to in-stock merchandise. You CANNOT use them on pre-orders.