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Fear & Loathing At Toyfair: X-Plus and Diamond Deal Still On!

Michael Cherkowsky

Once a year, the Javits center becomes a massive orgy of plastics, as toy manufacturers great and small convene to show the world how they are going to destroy its wallets with all of these wonderful toys for children and man children alike! As the head of Vampire Robots, I felt it necessary to slowly make my way along the greasy railway system of New Jersey to Manhattan, in order to witness this in person, for the first time ever, with my eyeballs.

On the right hand side of that above picture, you can see Mattel has a massive pavilion all to themselves. The only problem with their strange toy Utopia within a toy trade show is that you have to spend at least $500,000 a year with them. Afterall, they make Barbie and Hot Wheels! Who the fuck are you?! I approached their front counter. A woman with a name tag that said "Isla" asked me what I wanted. I said I was a vendor of new and vintage toys, with a concentration on Godzilla and Star Wars. She told me to get lost before she had one of her fiendish guards beat me like a government mule. I considered trying to sneek in and take pictures of whatever nonsense they had planned for the mass market consumers this year, but their utopian stronghold was closely guarded by jackbooted thugs with slick hair and teeth filed into sharp points. I had no intentions of having my skull caved in by these maroons over some toys! 

"I have appointments to keep! I'm a buyer you fools! Barbie gives young girls body dysmorphia and Hot Wheels encourages Climate Change deniers! " I cried at these monsters, before fleeing into a flurry of beanie baby shaped balloon being let go by the nice folks at Ty.

Confident that I lost the nazi ken dolls pursuing me from Mattel Toys. I made my way to the action figure quadrant of Toyfair. Many great toy companies were there, with their action figures on display. I'd provide you fine readers with many pictures, but I know why you're here. You want to know about the X-Plus deal, you swine! Well I'll tell you! Diamond and X-Plus are intending to import 24 more figures this year. !2 will be various Godzilla designs, with an additional 12 Kaiju. No figures were specified. The 25cm King Ghidorah was on display however, I'm told as a sort of statement of intent/placeholder for the line. Apparently the hold up has been that X-Plus had trouble with re-upping the license themselves. Could this be the meddling of Warner Bros? I suppose its possible....why not? This is all musing on my part of course and I could've been fed a line of bullshit. While these plans could entirely change over the course of 2015, I'd reckon anything and everything is up for reissue now, possibly including the 25cm line, which many believed would never be touched. 

Godzilla Vinyl Wars 

Godzilla Vinyl Wars 

In other news, Diamond is going to be releasing Ghostbusters figures later this year. The first wave includes Ray, Zeddmore, and Dana (not on display). They're also doing a 6 3/4" Nightmare Before Christmas line for later this year as well. 

Below is a random series of pics from booths including NECA, Kotobukiya, Blue Fin and some others...