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EXCITEMENT TIME: Godzilla 2000 v2 from X-Plus USA!

Michael Cherkowsky

So here is an item that master controller Michael has been quietly waiting in anticipation for since it was first teased at San Diego Comicon this past summer. A second edition of Godzilla'00 from X-Plus! Why is this so exciting, especially when the original 30cm is slated for reissue, an item long considered by many X-Plus-heads to be a grail item? Well, for kit builders, this was once the KOC vinyl kit! 


While not quite the same height as the regular X-Plus 30cm series (he comes in at 28cm) this release can be equated to the Sakai releases in the series (also being reissued in the US in 2017), without the heavy Sakai price tag! 

Now the photos shown here are of someone's build up of the original vinyl kit from KOC. You can look at more of them at There will be a photo at the bottom here of what X-Plus prototype looks like. WHY is Michael so excited about this release though? Well, the 30cm is clearly more accurate. Its safe to say it really nails that suit, BUT, its also a very static pose. This one on the other hand, has a much more dynamic, engaged pose. He's got more of a battle stance, ready to take on Orga, or the dweebs who dubbed his movie for US release! Also, this kit has long been on Michael's want list since his days as a kit builder. 

Expected to released 7/27/17, the suggested retail on this guy is $160.00. Pre-Order price with Vampire Robots is $160 shipped in the US, or $195 shipped overseas. You can place you order here. 


Diamond's photo of the impending X-Plus reissue

Diamond's photo of the impending X-Plus reissue