Vampire Robots

Now Accepting PayPal/Overseas orders!

Michael Cherkowsky

As of this past friday, 12/2, we've started accepting paypal at checkout! 


At long last, you can use paypal at check out when purchasing from Vampire Robots! It's something we've wanted to integrate with the the site for a long time, but just couldn't, due to the site being hosted through Squarespace. We COULD have used it as an option, but it would not have been seamless. Now it is, and so now we have it! 

This also means we can now officially accept orders from overseas through the site as well! No longer will you customers in Europe or Asia need to reach out to master controller Michael and ask him to awkwardly calculate a shipped overseas price for you. The site can do all that for you now, and you can pay securely with paypal! 

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