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Michael Cherkowsky

Like terrible Godzilla himself, the next wave of X-Plus reissues through Diamond have made themselves known to us. While we've all been toiling away, dealing with the current crop of crazy Kaiju, this next batch hath emerged from the murky depths. All you can do now is, evacuate your loved ones to safety (and also so they don't see the bill), place your pre-order, and then stand around pensively, like a Japanese Bureaucrat in a bunker under the Diet Building...

so now, here they are, the next wave of 30cm X-Plus Godzilla figures, listed in order of estimated release date, along with a link to pre-order them with Vampire Robots!

GODZILLA'84 ETA:11/30/2016

$160 Shipped in the US. 


GODZILLA'92 ETA: 1/25/2017

$160 Shipped in the US. 

Godzilla'99 ETA:3/29/2017

$160 Shipped in the US!

Godzilla'04 ETA: 5/29/2017

$160 Shipped in the US! 

"Sakai Collection" Godzilla'89

Special Pre-Order Price: $215 Shipped in the US!

ETA: 2/22/2017

"Sakai Collection" Godzilla'91

Special Pre-Order Price: $215 Shipped in the US!

ETA: 4/26/2017

As with all pre-orders, prices and arrival dates are subject to change. Be sure to suscribe to our blog to get updates on these products, and more from Vampire Robots!