Vampire Robots


Michael Cherkowsky

Memorial Day...its about honoring our Veterans, getting together with friends & family, maybe having a BBQ (pictured above), but most of all, its about SALES! What better way to honor our military than to buy some imported Japanese Toys, or some vintage Kenner Star Wars stuff? They gave their all so you could do this, so why aren't you doing it...?

Perhaps some special promo codes will nudge you along? We'll even start the sale early. Sound good? OK! So starting Saturday, May 21st at 7:00AM EST, use the promo code "NIGHTOFTHEVAMPIREROBOTS" to receive 20% off your total order. Not enough? Well, apply the promo code "EYEHEARTVAMPIREROBOTS" to any order of $300 or more to get FREE SHIPPING! Both promo codes are good until 11pm EST on 6/5/2016. Please Note: Sale is open to US residences only. Codes are good for in stock merchandise only. Not applicable to new or existing pre-orders.