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Vampire Robots Burning Godzilla Instagram Giveaway!

Michael Cherkowsky

Attention Earth! 

Starting today, we're running a special contest on Instagram! The lucky winner, will get one of our exclusive CCP Burning Godzillas from the Godzilla Vinyl Wars line...What do ya have to do?! How do ya win?! have to follow us on Instagram...


Baby got back! 

Baby got back! 

A face only a mother, or a godzilla fan...could love...

A face only a mother, or a godzilla fan...could love... much as we love Instagram, we've never really seemed to break that 1,000 follower barrier...yet. So, starting today, at 3pm Eastern Standard Time, and until Monday, November 27th, 9pm Eastern Standard Time, anyone who follows us, will be entered to win one of these guys. The catch...? The Vampire Robots IG account (@Vampirerobots) needs to be at 1,500 follows by 9pm EST on the 27th. As of today, its at 857 followers. That's 643 names that will be entered, and on the 28th, one will be randomly selected as the winner! 


"I caught a fish THIS BIG..."

"I caught a fish THIS BIG..."

"But Michael....I ALREADY follow Vampirerobots on IG...I WANNA WIN ONE TOO!"

Well TOUGH! This is for new followers only! And don't be trying to unfollow and follow again. We'll spot that shit. WE KEEP DETAILED FILES! 

Alright...alright...FINE! In the interest of making this fair. Any current followers who tag two people NOT already following us, will also be entered into the contest, but those two tags have to follow as well. That's right, BOTH! Make sure your friends actually follow...

Get him out of this bag before he suffocates! 

Get him out of this bag before he suffocates! 

If you don't know, this figure was our own exclusive in 2015! Part of the Godzilla Vinyl Wars line up, we had all 200 manufactured for the US. We're down to roughly 30 now. Of course, if you hate Instagram (and if you do, you probably also hate puppies and kittens, and maybe life...), and/or want to skip the contest and just get one for yourself now, you can do so here. It's $100, plus S&H.

So here's the rules: 
1. Follow Vampirerobots on Instagram (Must be a new follower) between 3pm EST Today, and 9pm EST on Monday 11/27...OR

2. Existing followers can tag two friends who also MUST follow between 3pm EST Today, and 9pm EST on Monday 11/27...

3. Our IG account MUST have at least 1500 followers by 9pm EST on 11/27. If we hit or exceed that number by then, ONE (and only ONE) lucky winner will be chosen at random. The winning follower will be contacted via DM on 11/28, to arrange delivery *PLEASE NOTE* While shipping and handling will be covered by any winner in the US, if the winner is international, they WILL need to pay a $40 S&H fee...Sorry! We can't cover international shipping (this also includes Canada and Mexico). So what are you waiting for?! This is one of the easier contests in the world, if not the universe...go follow us already!