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Vampire Robots' 2017 "Year Of The Monster" Convention Tour!

Michael Cherkowsky


As we march deep into the heart of the year of our lord 2017 A.D., the convention season here in the Northeast corridor slowly begins to cycle up! Here at Vampire Robots HQ, we're gearing up for our biggest, busiest convention year yet!

In fact, we're so excited about this year's line up of conventions, we're calling it "The Year Of The Monster" tour. Why "Year Of The Monster"? Well...frankly, three of the first six conventions this year have the word "monster" in their names. Two of the six that don't are still oriented to movie monster fandoms and collectibles, and well, if you don't see why its called that at this point, why are you even reading this blog??? 

Anyway, in addition to three tried and true events that we love doing, there's three brand new ones as well! Its shaping up to be a busy first half, since in the past, we've only managed to do an average of four events by mid-July. As we've already stated, we've got six lined up already! Here's a list, in chronological order...



 3/10 - 3/12

Crowne Plaza Cherry Hill, Cherry Hill NJ

Situated within close proximity to our HQ outside Philadelphia, this is our Go-To local show. This will also be our seventh MM appearance as a vendor. The march MM is usually our first real event of each year, and, like you, the attendee, we've been couped up all winter and are jonesing to get out! We also get a stock pile of awesome merchandise through the holiday season that often doesn't get seen by eyes other than our own until this show! Because of all this, we tend to go BIG at the March show, and this one will be no exception. We've got lots of brand new stuff that's been saved up, as well as lots of planned show specials. We're intent to come out swinging at this one and make it our biggest and best MM to date! 


3/24 - 3/26

The Hood Center, Rock Hill, SC

Our first First Time event of the year! This will be our first time at MMP EVER! This will also be Vampire Robots' first convention down south! We have yet to venture past the DC area and we're looking forward to this one! We'll be haulin' a sampling of everything we stock, and are looking forward to meeting some new faces, and maybe putting a face to customers we've only previously dealt with through the web store. 





Nu Shrine Center, New Castle DE

We'll barely have enough time back from MMP and South Carolina to shake the dust off our boots before we jump right into our next BRAND NEW EVENT for 2017! One of the longest running toy shows on the east coast, and a great place for vintage toy hunting. We'll be bringing some vintage items out for this. 


4/21 - 4/23

Hilton Parsippany, Parsippany NJ

Another tried and true convention on our circuit! The April Chiller tends to be our favorite of the two chiller events each year, and with the return of Godzilla related guests from Japan this year, we expect it to be a call back to the "good ole days" for east coast Godzilla nerds! Its also moved back to the Hilton Parsippany, so it will be our first time vending at Chiller at this venue, one that seems to be preferred among its long time vendors.


We take a short break from the convention circuit in the month of May, and then we're back at it with...


6/23 - 6/25

Doubletree Hilton, Mars PA

We've wanted to add this convention to our roster since the very beginning of Vampire Robots, and this year, we finally do it, just in time for Monster Bash's 20th anniversary! 


7/14 - 7/16

Crowne Plaza Chicago O'hare, Rosemont IL

Our annual big event for the year. This one might be our biggest G-FEST yet! In addition to returning guest Shinji Higuchi, co-director of the recent SHIN GODZILLA, G-FEST will have legendary Japanese Sci-fi/Fantasy artist Yuji Kaida in attendence for the first time ever! 

This is just the first HALF of 2017! We're planning to book plenty more conventions and shows through the year. There's at least one more Monster Mania in the cards for us, and Chiller's Halloween weekend expo. There might even be a few surprises. Be sure to subscribe to the blog here (right there on your right...see it? No, no, There! You've got it now...), and also be sure to like our Facebook pa, follow us on Instagram, and Twitter for more convention updates.