Vampire Robots

Product Reveal: The Vampire Robots "Mascot" Shirt

Michael Cherkowsky

This one has been teased on our instagram for the past month or so. Now that we're getting close to our annual big event of the year, G-Fest, its about damn time we reveal it in full! The third official Vampire Robots branded t-shirt! This newest shirt features our mascot, as designed by friend of Vampire Robots Jeff Zornow

Here's the new shirt, as modeled by Michael's last Ex-Wife! 

Here's the new shirt, as modeled by Michael's last Ex-Wife! 

Printed on unisex Next Level brand black shirts, these run from sizes Small to XXL (most ladies looking to snag one of these are advised to not skew past size Large...). The front of the shirt features our full mascot design from Zornow, complete with laser background, and our full "Vampire Robots" logo brands the left sleeve. 


Potential wearers of this shirt should be forewarned... There are unsubstantiated claims that wearing Jeff Zornow art on your person can cause highly bizarre events...You might find yourself suddenly, inexplicably popular, where once you were...Not. Your sex life can suddenly get incredibly busy. You might find yourself abducted by extraterrestrials. Others have claimed Zornow art has granted them the ability to summon and dispatch ghosts & demons while wearing it. We here at Vampire Robots guarantee NOTHING one way or the other, beyond this shirt covering your upper torso, the way a t-shirt should...

So how does one get this dope graphic tee...? This won't be for sale until G-fest XXV. They'll be available, first come, first served, at the Vampire Robots booth in the dealers room, all weekend. All sizes are $20 each. What the hell is G-Fest you ask...? Are you kidding? What the hell are you even doing on this website...? G-Fest is the largest annual gathering of Godzilla/kaiju fans in North America. Its held at the Crowne Plaza O'Hare outside Chicago, every July. This year its July 13th to 15th. You can get more information here.

Remaining sizes will be made available here, in the "Exclusives" section of the website, after G-fest is over. We plan to reload on this design, as needed, but if you want to make sure you get yours in the right size right away, and you'll be at G-Fest (or maybe have a friend or acquaintance there who owes you a solid...) your best bet is to get it at G-Fest.