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Free Comic Book Day 2019 at Vampire Robots!

Michael Cherkowsky

So Saturday, May 4th, for the first time in the almost five year history of VR, we’re going to participate in Free Comic Book day…

”But Michael, you don’t really SELL comic books at Vampire Robots, so how can you give any away…?”

Well, this is true! Aside from the exclusive Jeff Zornow cover we did in 2016, and the occasional listing in our eBay store, Comic Books have never been a regular product we stock. However, we wanted to stock the following item…

FCBD Exclusive Symbiote Spider Man PVC Gallery Statue by Diamond Select Toys

FCBD Exclusive Symbiote Spider Man PVC Gallery Statue by Diamond Select Toys

Per Diamond’s own description…

”Spider-Man lives up to his namesake, crouched on a web slung across an alleyway, portraying the hero in his element. Measuring approximately 7" high by 11" wide, this detailed sculpt by Alterton is based on a design by Caesar, and comes packaged in a full-color window box.”

This badass is a Free Comic Book Day Exclusive. We have them in stock now, but are embargoed from selling them until May 4th. Since we’re also not a full fledged comic book shop, we were only able to secure a scant ten as well. It will be $45.00 plus shipping and handling, and will be available on the site at 9am Eastern Standard time on May 4th.

Also happening on the site May 4th, will be the next X-Plus Flash Sale. It’s a repeat, actually a Make Good of sorts…

Mechagodzilla'02 (Kiryu) 12" Vinyl Figure by X-Plus

Mechagodzilla'02 (Kiryu) 12" Vinyl Figure by X-Plus

Per own very own site copy…

”After withering battles against Godzilla using conventional weaponry, a new armored battle fortress, MechaGodzilla (a.k.a. Kiryu), is built to combat the rampaging creature in 2002's Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla. This figure, part of the 12" scale kaiju series, recreates Mechagodzilla as "Kiryu", for the millennium era, once again making him the defender of Japan against Godzilla.”

So as stated above, this one is sort of a Make Good. Kiryu was originally supposed to be part of the flash sale we had back on March 20th, but most of the inventory on it arrived damaged beyond repair…to the point where we were only able to offer one. This one is always popular, especially at a flash sale price, and a lot of people who were gunning for him that day were understandably bummed. Here’s another chance to secure one for a killer price. We only have a case of them though, and they’ll be live at 10am Eastern Standard Time on the site, for the same Flash Sale price of $99.99 plus Shipping & Handling.

But what about give aways? It’s FREE Comic Book Day after all…

GODZILLA OBLIVION #4 Vampire Robots Exclusive Variant Cover

GODZILLA OBLIVION #4 Vampire Robots Exclusive Variant Cover

This is our exclusive Godzilla Oblivion # 4 from IDW, with cover art by Jeff Zornow. These are usually $9.99 plus S&H here on the site. Occasionally, one has been thrown in with orders over $100.00. For Free Comic Book Day, every order gets one! If you order anything on the site between 12:01am and 11:59pm on May 4th, we’ll include a copy of our exclusive comic with your order. Who knows, we might even throw in copies autographed by cover artist Jeff Zornow in some random orders (Yeah, we have those too).

Of course, it being May the 4th also means its also “Star Wars Day”. Well, why not have a give away item for May The 4th as well?

Star Wars Rogue One Collectors Gallery Shoretrooper 9’’ Statue by Gentle Giant

Star Wars Rogue One Collectors Gallery Shoretrooper 9’’ Statue by Gentle Giant

How about a Shoretrooper statue, by Gentle Giant? Per their own description…

”From Rogue One: A Star Wars Story come the Empire's Shoretoopers. Armored soldiers who patrol the beaches of the planet Scarif, the secret location of the imperial army and its Death Star construction facility. These well-trained, specialist Troopers are at the ready to defend against the always imminent Rebel incursions. Sculpted digitally to ensure precision form and character correct accuracy. Each detailed bust is cast in durable, stone-like, poly-urethane material that is cold to the touch. Featuring a heavy blaster-rifle, sculpted hip pouches and gear. Every trooper is hand painted with correct rank and insignia applications with battle worn, weathered details. Each limited edition, hand-painted, polyresin classic statue comes individually numbered and is paired with a matching Certificate of Authenticity.”

Not bad right? We’ve got one of these guys who can’t shoot straight to give away. How do you win him? Simple, order something from the site here, or the VR eBay Store, between 12:01am EST and 11:59pm WST on May 4th, and you will be entered to win. One random customer will be picked on May 5th and their shoretropper will be shipped to them free of charge! So you might ask, what purchases count here? Everything and Anything does! The Mechagodzilla flash sale, the Symbiote Spider-man Gallery statue, anything else currently in stock on the site, and even preorders! YES! This will be the first give away we’re doing where the preorders count! There is one stipulation though…only one entry per customer…so if you order multiple times, you’re still only entered to win once…

As always, be sure to follow us on social media (there’s buttons for each at the bottom of the site), to stay up to date on all these Free Comic Book Day drops as well as anything else we might be up to. You can always find the latest official news from us hereat Master Control as well.